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What is Doubt? ft. FOS (#121)

And we are back! Thanks for hanging in there. Today we have a conversation we’ve been really excited to share with you, with the artist FOS, also known by his government name of Thomas Poulsen. This talk was recorded during the summer when he had a quite ambitious show up at Gallery Nils Stærk here in Copenhagen, and it turned out to…

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Roskilde Festival Art Zone 2018 (#120)

The warm months have fully settled upon the land, and with every Danish summer comes the yearly tradition of Roskilde Festival, one of the world’s largest music festivals. Around 130,000 people attend the festival, which is run by a non-profit organization. For many years now they have also had a surprisingly ambitious art zone during the festival, with running themes and critical commentary on social and political issues. This year, for example…

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A Sense of Things ft. Signe Vad (#119)

We have Signe Vad on the show today, which is very exciting, and has been a long time coming. She is an exceptionally hard working artist, with tons of projects always in the works as well has her own production, and she somehow gets it all done. She is a serial collaborator, exhibition space leader and cultural front runner, and we have the pleasure of hearing about it. Our talk is also fascinating because…

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The Space In-Between ft. Mathias & Mathias (#118)

We are back again today with another super interesting talk, with the artist group Mathias & Mathias. They had a show up at Overgaden a little while back, and we were fortunate enough to have the chance to sit down and talk to them. It was a great conversation, touching on many topics, with a lot of behind the scenes talk, which is always interesting. It’s good to hear from working artists what…

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A Slow Motion Explosion ft. Jonas Liveröd (#117)

Today we are terribly excited to bring you an actually well timed conversation, with the wonderful Jonas Liveröd. It’s been a while coming, but it fits perfectly, because already on this Friday, April 20th, he has a solo show opening at the great Steinsland Berliner Gallery in Stockholm. So as awesome as the conversation we are about to play for you is, it’s always better to...

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By The Way Mini-episode - Postmasters Gallery NYC

On this Mini-episode of By The Way: A Contemporary Art News Podcast Eric talks about Postmasters Gallery NYC and their recent Patreon campaign strategy. He has his doubts, but what do you think? 

By The Way, also wants to give a shout out to The Conversation Art Podcast, as Jenny Danielsson, our co-host from episode #11 Los Angeles and Shrinkage In The Art Market was interviewed. They are making a great podcast and you all should go take a listen. 

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The Merge ft. Sara, Peter & Tobias (#116)

Today, in serendipitous timing, we are joined by the art group Sara, Peter & Tobias, who were kind enough to sit down with us for a wide ranging conversation about their first book, Phenomina. And just last week they won the British Journal of Photography International Photography Award for their new project, The Merge. We had a very interesting conversation together not only about their projects, but also about...

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BTW #11 Los Angeles and Shrinkage In The Art Market with Guest Jenny Danielsson

By The Way, welcomes guest Jenny Danielsson from the Danielsson & Carlson podcast.  

Jenny shares the news about the recent firing of Helen Molesworth at Los Angeles’ Museum of Contemporary Arts. Jenny and Eric then speculate what might have led to the firing. In the second news story, Eric shares the most recent “health report” of the art market by USB and Art Basel. Are the big galleries and collectors really all that good for the art market?

Let us know what you think. Why was Helen Molesworth fired? And what is your assessment of the health of the art market?

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The Level of Truth ft. Johan Furåker (#115)

When you talk process with an artist, many similarities between practices begin to pop up over time, but there are also those occasions where you hear about more independent ways of working and thinking. Todays conversation with Johan Furåker is of that ilk, one of the ones which are quite inspiring. He’s a thoughtful artist, and methodical, and if you look at his work, you can...

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The Muse ft. Ditte Ejlerskov (#114)

Ah, the march of time, the learning of lessons, the rediscovery of delight! What a great talk we have for you today! In the middle of significant personal and political chaos we are so very proud to bring to you today a wonderful conversation with Ditte Ejlerskov recorded a couple of months ago. Talking to her was a reminder of so many important things one must hold dear as an artist; choosing the...

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BTW #9 - What Do Bhutan, France, And Iran All Have In Common?

Eric and Ando take a trip around the world in this episode. Iranian contemporary art gallerist is facing a jail time, corporal punishment, and confiscation of their assets for their involvement in the art world. We discuss street artist Invader, and his tasteless placement of his works in the country of Bhutan. We first spoke about Invader in BTW episode #1 - Thievery.  Lastly, we discuss a legal case in France, where Facebook is being charged with limiting the freedom of expression of a school teacher. The teacher charges that Facebook deleted his account when he posted Gustave Courbet’s The Origin of the World (1866).

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Defending the Collective ft. Yazan Khalili (#113)

We had the great pleasure of meeting and speaking with Yazan Khalili last week, who is the winner of the extract prize 2015 from GLStrand, and just opened his solo show there, by the name of No One Saw The Colours. We had a really fantastic talk about making art, politics, representation and working under tough conditions. Yazan is very dedicated to...

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