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What is Doubt? ft. FOS (#121)

And we are back! Thanks for hanging in there. Today we have a conversation we’ve been really excited to share with you, with the artist FOS, also known by his government name of Thomas Poulsen. This talk was recorded during the summer when he had a quite ambitious show up at Gallery Nils Stærk here in Copenhagen, and it turned out to…

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What Do I Know ft. Olaf Breuning (#89)

Hello gang. Well here we are, episode 89, just gliding ever so softly into number 90. Today we have a fun one for you, We think you will enjoy it, it’s Olaf Breuning everybody! We’ve been fans of his special world for a number of years now, and finally had the chance to sit down with him and hear about it. All we can say is that some people just have a personal vision, and there is no...

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Displacement ft. Runo Lagomarsino (#60)

Displacement is the title of the show today, and the Swedish artist Runo Lagomarsino is our distinguished guest. The name comes of course from our talk, and it relates to something dear to the heart, to home, and to something important in art. His story and family history are very interesting, and they are very much reflected in his...

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