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FALLUCKA #7 - Ed Templeton

Part 3 of Ed Templeton episodes. The reason Ed Templeton was in Copenhagen was that he was here for a book signing on his latest book Tangentially Parenthetical. We talk about selected artworks in the book as well as the idea behind the book. We talk about the people in the book and the situations the pictures are taken in. We also talk about buying art with the heart vs. as an…

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BTW #11 Los Angeles and Shrinkage In The Art Market with Guest Jenny Danielsson

By The Way, welcomes guest Jenny Danielsson from the Danielsson & Carlson podcast.  

Jenny shares the news about the recent firing of Helen Molesworth at Los Angeles’ Museum of Contemporary Arts. Jenny and Eric then speculate what might have led to the firing. In the second news story, Eric shares the most recent “health report” of the art market by USB and Art Basel. Are the big galleries and collectors really all that good for the art market?

Let us know what you think. Why was Helen Molesworth fired? And what is your assessment of the health of the art market?

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