What Do I Know ft. Olaf Breuning (#89)

Photo Credit: www.outofsync.dk

Photo Credit: www.outofsync.dk

Hello gang. Well here we are, episode 89, just gliding ever so softly into number 90. Today we have a fun one for you, We think you will enjoy it, it’s Olaf Breuning everybody! We’ve been fans of his special world for a number of years now, and finally had the chance to sit down with him and hear about it. All we can say is that some people just have a personal vision, and there is no school or mentors needed to help them along. Just get out of the way! He has a very special way of thinking, a combination of thoughtful and un-serious at the same time, which is very much reflected in his work, and really helps it be unique. He has a show up at Nils Stærk gallery which opened last friday, and we strongly suggest you go and see it. It’s called cold animals, and it’s open until the 17th of December. How about that? Enjoy!

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