Imagine It Good ft. Lena Mech (#90)

Hello friends, welcome back, welcome back. We have a fantastic, if a little different than usual, talk for you today. We are joined by Lena Mech, who works in a grey area between independent game design and art, and we found it to be very compelling to hear about her practice. One could perhaps say that one of the complaints often leveled against the art world is it’s, correct or not, perceived separation from other spheres of life and society. Talking to Lena really highlighted for us some of the opportunities available for those looking for interdisciplinary collaborations outside of the usual boundaries of their craft. I spent a lot of this talk looking for her to define which work she walks in, but the truth is that it really is several. There are definitely some artists taking advantage of these opportunities, but certainly not enough. Enjoy!

All images courtesy Lena Mech: