The Opposite Way ft. A Kassen (#91)

Image courtesy A Kassen

Image courtesy A Kassen

We are of course here to talk to A Kassen, the conceptual powerhouse of an artists group. I had the pleasure of talking to half the group, Tommy Petersen and Søren Petersen. I had a lot of questions for them, in the way I usually do, and I found that perhaps at the end of the day their works really speak for themselves. They have a really interesting practice, but in certain cases a lot of artists put all their efforts into the works, and have very little to say about them after the fact. They don’t necessarily obscure the meaning of the works and that makes the for a conversation of directly with the works and not the artists. But we still had a relaxing and interesting talk, and I got to hear about their work process and history. Enjoy!

All images courtesy A Kassen. More info about the images on their website.


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