Revisit Practice ft. Seimi Nørregaard (#92)

Photo credit: Per Morten Abrahamsen

Photo credit: Per Morten Abrahamsen

Well just like that we have reached the final episode of the year. We just had a great talk with Seimi Nørregaard, an artist who we were not previously acquainted with but who we are certainly glad to now know. We wanted to release this one right away because she currently has a show up at Overgaden, which will be up until the 8th of Jan. So how about some art over the vacation huh? She is a hard artist to pin down, and we certainly talk about that, but she comes from a theater and performance background, she’s a poet and she also makes books. The show is a total installation and it’s quite the experience, We really recommend you see it. It’s hard to say much else as an introduction, hearing her talk about her past and the works she makes is a much better explanation than we could come up with. So, enjoy the holidays if you are so lucky to have them, and let’s come back in the new year with our feet on the ground and ready to fight. We’re gonna need it. Enjoy!

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You can hear more about the making of Hide in this video (in Danish).

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