Systems of Support ft. SixtyEight Art Institute (#93)

And just like that we are back again! Happy time related holiday folks, we hope you had a good one. We are blazing into the new year with this fantastic talk with two of the folks from SixtyEight Art Institute, based here in Copenhagen. For those who might not know SixtyEight is a forward-thinking curatorial and research platform which is run by some tremendously engaged folks who are thinking about art and how it can interact with the real world on so many different levels. We had the pleasure of talking to Iben Elmstrom, one of the founders, and Hugo Hopping, a board member and artist, and I think the result is truly one of the most interesting episodes we’ve done. It’s on the longer side, but that is simply because we touch on so many contemporary topics and so much of it seemed relevant. We hope you get as much out of it as we did. Enjoy!

All images courtesy of SixtyEight Art Institute


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