Source Record ft. Jacob Kirkegaard (#94)

Photo credit: Arild Midtbø Kalseth

Photo credit: Arild Midtbø Kalseth

Welcome back as we creep steadily towards episode 100 here at The Undergang Armchair. There is no hiding that this is a tough moment in time, so we figured it was time to release a positive and forward thinking talk with the exceptional artist Jacob Kirkegaard. He came by last year to talk about his work and a great many other subjects, and we were blown away by his way of thinking about the world and his work. He was refreshing and open, and has such a special attitude about the role his work has. We also have two short clips of his sound works in this episode. He has a lot on his plate, We don’t think we know any artist who has more shows and projects coming up, so if you are interested then be sure to check out his site for upcoming stuff. He’s appearing all over the world. Enjoy!

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