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The Muse ft. Ditte Ejlerskov (#114)

Ah, the march of time, the learning of lessons, the rediscovery of delight! What a great talk we have for you today! In the middle of significant personal and political chaos we are so very proud to bring to you today a wonderful conversation with Ditte Ejlerskov recorded a couple of months ago. Talking to her was a reminder of so many important things one must hold dear as an artist; choosing the...

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Source Record ft. Jacob Kirkegaard (#94)

Welcome back as we creep steadily towards episode 100 here at The Undergang Armchair. There is no hiding that this is a tough moment in time, so we figured it was time to release a positive and forward thinking talk with the exceptional artist Jacob Kirkegaard. He came by last year to talk about his work and a great many other subjects, and we were blown away by his...

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First Time ft. Vinyl, Terror & Horror (#62)

The installation & sound artist duo Vinyl, Terror & Horror are making some of the most atmospheric and plain old outer-limits works right now. They came to our attention based off of their stellar installation at Gether Contemporary in the spring, called Tanz Mal Wieder. Their works are tough to describe, but such a pleasure to experience. They cut up and fuse together record players, vinyl and all sorts of...

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