The Muse ft. Ditte Ejlerskov (#114)


Ah, the march of time, the learning of lessons, the rediscovery of delight! What a great talk we have for you today! In the middle of significant personal and political chaos we are so very proud to bring to you today a wonderful conversation with Ditte Ejlerskov recorded a couple of months ago. Talking to her was a reminder of so many important things one must hold dear as an artist; choosing the harder path at times, about trust in yourself and your relationship to your practice, the value of plain old hardheadedness. As humans we walk a fine line in balancing everything, and as artists it is essential. Ditte has a big show up at Kristiansand Kunsthal in Norway called The Muse, which looks amazing, so if you are in that part of the world then be sure to check it out. Check out her website, it’s amazing just like her work, and check out the sound piece she made for the show, link is below. Enjoy!

All images courtesy Ditte Ejlerskov


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The Muse at Kristiansands Kunsthal

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