First Time ft. Vinyl, Terror & Horror (#62)

The installation & sound artist duo Vinyl, Terror & Horror are making some of the most atmospheric and plain old outer-limits works right now. They came to our attention based off of their stellar installation at Gether Contemporary in the spring, called Tanz Mal Wieder. Their works are tough to describe, but such a pleasure to experience. They cut up and fuse together record players, vinyl and all sorts of audio and light equipment in order to create the art equivalent of fun house mirrors, and pack a mean punch as a live performance too. You can see the installation at Röda Sten Kunsthal in Gothenberg Sweden until the 23rd August. Be sure to check out the video below of the installation, and enjoy our talk.

Here is video documentation of the exhibition, courtesy the artists:

Video of a live performance by Vinyl, Terror & Horror:

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