Burn Hierarchy ft. Jes Brinch (#61)

Hi gang, get ready for this one. Jes Brinch, one of the great art warriors of our time, took the time to come on the show and the results were just what we needed. In a time of increasing monoculture in art (and perhaps life), it's a pleasure to speak with an artist like Jes, who is tirelessly fighting the good fight for a stranger, more fun and more chaotic art practice and world. He holds no punches, and accordingly gets away with some pretty cool projects, like blowing up hot dog stands and knocking over city buses in the center of Copenhagen. He sat down with us and spoke about some of the challenges of working with his practice, about fighting against hierarchy and about simply expecting more from art and the art world around us. Don't miss it.

Some works by Jes. All images courtesy the artist.


Links for this episode:

Jes Brinch @ V1 Gallery

Article in the Danish newspaper Politiken (in Danish)

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David Hyde | CC 3.0