The Space In-Between ft. Mathias & Mathias (#118)


We are back again today with another super interesting talk, with the artist group Mathias & Mathias. They had a show up at Overgaden a little while back, and we were fortunate enough to have the chance to sit down and talk to them. It was a great conversation, touching on many topics, with a lot of behind the scenes talk, which is always interesting. It’s good to hear from working artists what their experiences are in the art world, and that always leads into a discussion about their work. They are a group you should keep an eye on, they have a lot of interesting projects in the pipeline. And they are also gentlemen, which also such a nice thing to find out here in these mean streets. So with no further ado, enjoy our talk with Mathias & Mathias!

All images courtesy Mathias & Mathias


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