A Slow Motion Explosion ft. Jonas Liveröd (#117)


Today we are terribly excited to bring you an actually well timed conversation, with the wonderful Jonas Liveröd. It’s been a while coming, but it fits perfectly, because already on this Friday, April 20th, he has a solo show opening at the great Steinsland Berliner Gallery in Stockholm. So as awesome as the conversation we are about to play for you is, it’s always better to go and see the work in real time and space, so if you are anywhere near Stockholm, then you should go see the show. As a bonus, you can have a chat with Jonas, who is really just a sweet and open hearted fellow, so that comes highly recommended as well. It’s all good news from the Cultural Bandwidth headquarters today! I feel that Jonas needs no introduction, his work is excellent and lively, and we do a pretty good job of covering things in the talk. Thanks to Jeanette Steinsland for setting this up, and for all the support. Please enjoy our conversation with Jonas Liveröd!

All images courtesy the artist


And here is a trailer for the exhibition! Go see it!

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Jonas Liveröd | Instagram

The Liveröd Wunderkammer

Gallery Steinsland Berliner - Show opens Friday, April 20th!

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