A Sense of Things ft. Signe Vad (#119)


We have Signe Vad on the show today, which is very exciting, and has been a long time coming. She is an exceptionally hard working artist, with tons of projects always in the works as well has her own production, and she somehow gets it all done. She is a serial collaborator, exhibition space leader and cultural front runner, and we have the pleasure of hearing about it. Our talk is also fascinating because she talks a lot about her doubts, thoughts and dreams about her total practice, and goddamn it, if that isn’t what this show is for, then what is it for? Enjoy!

All image and video courtesy Signe Vad


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Signe Vad website | Vimeo

Selde Serious TV

Serious Tv Live Stream 2014-15

Tys Exhibition Space

KRÆ Exhibition Space

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