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Take Your Time ft. Jean-Marc Bustamante (#108)

One of the great pleasures of making this show is having conversations with people who have some history behind them, people who have seen the ins and outs of the art world through many years, and to hear what is and is not important to them. The guest today is Jean Marc Bustamante, and he is a perfect example of the type of experienced artist and person we speak of. He of course has a long and storied art career, but he also has...

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New Configurations ft. Lawrence Weiner (#52)

Today we are joined by the unique and certain Lawrence Weiner. As most of you probably know, Lawrence is a prolific and oft exhibited conceptual artist who has a rich body of work behind him. We caught up with him before the opening of his show together with Per Kirkeby here in Copenhagen at Gallery Susanne Ottesen, and he stunned us with his eloquence and his...

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No Left Hand ft. Jasper Sebastian Stürup (#47)

Hi team, we are getting into the swing of season two of this show, and it's been real good. This episode we are introducing the theme of this season; The Process of Making, and there is no better guest to kick off this theme than Jasper Sebastian Stürup. He draws, he paints, he makes sculptures, but not least of all, he has been making...

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