Take Your Time ft. Jean-Marc Bustamante (#108)

Photo credit: Blanckart

Photo credit: Blanckart

One of the great pleasures of making this show is having conversations with people who have some history behind them, people who have seen the ins and outs of the art world through many years, and to hear what is and is not important to them. The guest today is Jean Marc Bustamante, and he is a perfect example of the type of experienced artist and person we speak of. He of course has a long and storied art career, but he also has a history as a teacher, and now as the director of École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts, which is a prestigious art school in Paris. For those who are around CPH at the moment, he also has a show up at Gallery Susanne Ottesen, which functions as a retrospective of sorts, and is very much worth seeing. He is a wise and humorous man, so please enjoy our talk with him!

All images courtesy Galleri Susanne Ottesen


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