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Take Your Time ft. Jean-Marc Bustamante (#108)

One of the great pleasures of making this show is having conversations with people who have some history behind them, people who have seen the ins and outs of the art world through many years, and to hear what is and is not important to them. The guest today is Jean Marc Bustamante, and he is a perfect example of the type of experienced artist and person we speak of. He of course has a long and storied art career, but he also has...

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BTW #1 - Thievery

On the inaugural episode of By The Way Eric presents Ando with 2 news stories. The first story is about the craft store giant Hobby Lobby smuggling Middle Eastern artifacts into the US. In our second story we discuss the stolen works by street artist Invaders in the daylight on the streets of Paris. No wonder people are stealing them when the can reach...

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