No Left Hand ft. Jasper Sebastian Stürup (#47)


Hi team, we are getting into the swing of season two of this show, and it's been real good. This episode we are introducing the theme of this season; The Process of Making, and there is no better guest to kick off this theme than Jasper Sebastian Stürup. He draws, he paints, he makes sculptures, but not least of all, he has been making art books for over 20 years. Join us for a rock solid talk about the desire to be an artist at a young age, living in many different cities and making artists books for all these years. He currently has work up at two show, one at Gallery Susanne Ottesen and at The Danish National Art Library (Closes the 28th Nov.).

A few works by Jasper:


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Jasper Sebastian Stürup

Fluens Forlag (His artist book imprint)

Gallery Susanne Ottesen

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