The Long Way Home ft. Morten Søndergaard (#86)

Hello friends, is everybody enjoying this late summer weather in Copenhagen, making sure to talk with strangers about it? Today we are joined by the poet, translator and artist extraordinaire Morten Søndergaard. We had a relaxing sit down on a beautiful deck on a sunny day at the Louisiana Museum here in Denmark, looking out over the water, listening to the waves, watching people swim, and talked about words, art and life. It was glorious. He is an poet/artist who is relentlessly searching for new paths for his work, and isn’t held down by format along the way. If you don’t know his work then you are in for a real treat, it is word based, but in reality so much more with his constant practice of moving words from the page and out into the world. It’s fascinating stuff really. We’ll leave the rest up to him, please enjoy the chat with Morten Søndergaard!

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