The Life of an Artwork ft. Rasmus Høj Mygind (#87)

The guest on today’s episode is somebody we’ve heard a lot about throughout the years, but through our own intellectual laziness had not seen much work by. We can only assume you, dear listener, have been smarter and more on top of it than we have because Rasmus Høj Mygind has been out there getting good work done, helping run the exhibition space Toves and advancing Danish arts for all of us. The fact that we were completely in the dark is humbling, and the big personal lesson here is to pay better attention and remember to ask the bigger questions. It’s a problem which is fairly acute in the art world, and there is always the risk of compartmentalizing your own experience in an already small art world. So thanks to Rasmus for inadvertently reminding us of that, his practice is very much worth looking into. He has shown work many different places and he joins us today to talk about his work, crazy websites and about working in and out of the studio. Enjoy!

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