CODE Art Fair ft. Martina Tosi & Steven Cox (#85)

Image Courtesy Art Copenhagen

Image Courtesy Art Copenhagen

The inaugural edition of the CODE Art Fair was this last week weekend, and we were there with a booth in order to meet the art going public and having some talks with folks working at the fair. It was certainly a mixed result in many ways, but not without it’s successes. Our guess is that many who were there could say the same thing. CODE is ambitious, and it was interesting to see all the new faces there, and it’s always good to see all that art. Today on the program we have two talks we recorded with some new friends, Martina Tosi and Steven Cox. Martina came by to talk about Cinnamon Gallery, a fairly new space from Rotterdam, which was here in Copenhagen for the first time and Steven is a painter, writer and proprietor of a online space you are going to love which is called Hunted Projects. Join us to hear about what it’s like to start a new gallery from scratch, impressions from CODE and about audience engagement.

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