The Art Machine ft. Søren Behncke aka Papfar (#84)

Hello team, we hope you guys had a good summer. We’d like to thank you for your patience while we’ve been getting our shit together after a long and discombobulating summer. So many exciting things happening, just have to get everything in the right order. We have two items of good news to discuss today, and the first one is today's guest, Søren Behncke aka Papfar. We have been woefully ignorant of his work until recently, but when we finally were introduced to his practice we were simply blown away. He’s been working hard for over 15 years on his strange, funny and beautiful universe, and it was a real pleasure to dive in. He recently released a book which functions as a type of mid-career retrospective, Sorry No Image Available, and it’s nothing short of enlightening. We strongly recommend it, you can follow the links below to pick that up. Don’t remain as ignorant as us. The other piece of news is that we will have a large booth at the brand new CODE Art Fair here in Copenhagen, which jumps off already next week, from August 26th-28th. We’ll be there talking our usual shit, showing some artwork, live streaming and otherwise being a public nuisance. Be sure to come and check it out. Don’t forget also to check out the beautiful CHART Art Fair at Charlottenborg and Photo Collect at Museumsbygning. Look at Copenhagen, all grown up with three art fairs! Enjoy!

Images of Søren's works, courtesy the artist:


Links for this episode:

Søren Behncke - Instagram | Artsy | V1 Gallery

Sorry No Image Available - Book - Denmark | World

If interested in the mailing list for his Mobil Print Workshops - Email

Copenhagen Art Fairs - August 25-28

CODE Art Fair - Bella Center - We will have a booth there

CHART Art Fair - Charlottenborg

Photo Collect - Museumsbygningen

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