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Vox Populi ft. Gillian Wearing (#109)

A couple of weeks ago the National Gallery of Art (SMK) here in Copenhagen unveiled a bronze sculpture in front of the museum by Gillian Wearing called A Real Danish Family. This is also in conjunction with an exhibition of her works, they are both well worth seeing. We were lucky enough to have the chance to sit down with Gillian to talk both about the sculpture she made about this danish family, and...

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A Passion Intact ft. Mikkel Bogh Part 2 (#72)

Welcome back to the final installment of our talk with the engaged and enthusiastic director of the Danish National Gallery of Art, Mikkel Bogh. Last week we heard about where Mikkel comes from, and what brought him to his current job. This week we hear about the challenges and compromises one must make in a position like his. He talks about the inherent politics of his job and the role of the state in the...

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A Door into History ft. Mikkel Bogh Part 1 (#71)

An interesting thing about being an adult in the this crazy world is that at a certain point you realize that you can’t do it all. That is, unless you are Mikkel Bogh. He is the director of The National Gallery of Denmark, and the former head of the Royal Art Academy and he really clarified some things about the upper echelons of art institutions for us. We thought that the system favored the pencil pusher type, the business man, the high school principal, and their role was mostly just to slap reality into the face of artist types and scream we can’t...

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