Vox Populi ft. Gillian Wearing (#109)


A couple of weeks ago the National Gallery of Art (SMK) here in Copenhagen unveiled a bronze sculpture in front of the museum by Gillian Wearing called A Real Danish Family. This is also in conjunction with an exhibition of her works, they are both well worth seeing. We were lucky enough to have the chance to sit down with Gillian to talk both about the sculpture she made about this danish family, and about her work in general. You are indubitably familiar with her work, she is quite well known, both as a YBA - the young british artists, and for her work since. If you have a chance to see the show here at SMK then you definitely should, several of her works are much stronger in person, for example the self-portraits of her as her family are pretty breathtaking in person. Enjoy, and stay tuned for some big news next time around!

All images courtesy SMK/Gillian Wearing


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Gillian Wearing

National Gallery of Art (SMK) - Show until 7th Jan, 2018

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