A Passion Intact ft. Mikkel Bogh Part 2 (#72)


Welcome back to the final installment of our talk with the engaged and enthusiastic director of the Danish National Gallery of Art, Mikkel Bogh. Last week we heard about where Mikkel comes from, and what brought him to his current job. This week we hear about the challenges and compromises one must make in a position like his. He talks about the inherent politics of his job and the role of the state in the day to day affairs of the museum, as well as his goals for the future of the institution. It's a rare chance to hear about the daily life of a museum director, and it's really interesting stuff. Along the way we hear about dealing with cutbacks, finding time to stay passionate about the job, and some really good advice for young artists out there aspiring to a foot in the door. It's a must hear.

Images from the museum, all images courtesy States Museum for Kunst


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Mikkel Bogh at Carnegie Art Award

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