The Great Illusion ft. Kasper Eistrup (#70)

Today we have the last episode of the year, it’s just a great one to go out on. We have Kasper Eistrup on the show. The artist Kasper Eistrup. The musician Kasper Eistrup. More or less every Dane knows who Kasper is, but for y’all out there in the larger world, he was the front man for one of the largest danish bands ever, Kashmir. They made music for over 20 years, and they are huge over here. Also abroad, but especially here. But this show is about art, and Kasper has been making art since even before he began playing music, and now has put the music on pause in order to pursue a career as an artist. He’s been showing work consistently for over 8 years, and now he just had his big solo show at Gallery Benoni this fall. So join us for the last show of 2015, and hear about Kasper's work and life.

Works by Kasper Eistrup. All photos courtesy Galleri Benoni


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