Part of The World ft. Rune Bosse (#69)

Photo credit: Lortnoc

Photo credit: Lortnoc

Today we have a dose of calm energy and thoughtfulness by the name of Rune Bosse to combat whatever crazy is nipping at your heels. His practice often manifests installations or is performative, and usually with an eye to nature, and it's beautiful work. We only recently saw it for the first time, but it immediately struck us in some of the same ways that Felix Gonzales-Torres' work does, so we reached out, and here he is. And the thing is, he’s still a student! He studied at Olafur Elliasen’s Institute for Spacial Experiments, and is finishing up at the royal academy at the end of this academic year. He’s just getting started really. So join us for an enlightening talk with a young up and coming artist out there. We're betting the farm you'll be seeing more of him in the near future.

Some images of his work. All photos courtesy the artist.


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