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Do What Feels Wrong ft. Anders Reventlov Part 2 (#82)

Hello friends, welcome back to the second part of our talk with the scintillating Anders Reventlov. We bring it all home here in the second half, and this talk is chock full of pertinent information for young artists, all artists really. There is a lot of worthwhile conversation about some pretty burning issues in the art world today and issues it might be important to think about as practicing artists. We are going to hear about the exhibition space he started, the thoughts behind (it’s not what you think) and about the slow evolution of his own thoughts on...

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It's Your Own Fault ft. Anders Reventlov Part 1 (#81)

Greetings gang, here we are back again. In the midst of some upheaval and expansion, we bring you part one of our stellar talk with Anders Reventlov. He is the perfect guest for times of change, and he’s the first one ever we’ve met through the show itself. He is an unusually engaged fellow (and we meet a lot of engaged people) and since meeting him we’ve found he is a talented artist as well. He has a really interesting story, he works...

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