It's Your Own Fault ft. Anders Reventlov Part 1 (#81)

Greetings gang, here we are back again. In the midst of some upheaval and expansion, we bring you part one of our stellar talk with Anders Reventlov. He is the perfect guest for times of change, and he’s the first one ever we’ve met through the show itself. He is an unusually engaged fellow (and we meet a lot of engaged people) and since meeting him we’ve found he is a talented artist as well. He has a really interesting story, he works harder than just about anybody we’ve met, and he seems to retain an unflaggingly positive attitude throughout. He’s a teacher, he runs and independent art space, he’s a father, an artist, he does just about everything. But we’ll let him tell you the rest of the story, such as growing up painting Warhammer figures, getting harassed in the conservative graffiti world and being traumatized by art teachers. Ando also has a little announcement about the show. Enjoy!

Some images of Ander's works:


And video documentation of his recent solo show:

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