Supermarket Art Fair 2017 (#98)


Today we have a big one folks, we visited Supermarket Art Fair in Stockholm last month, and this is a compilation of our conversations with some of the many nice folks we met. It was a lot, there were lots of exhibitors, and as usual it’s really hard to figure out when is best to try to talk to people, and of course you try not to disturb them while they are working. Fairs are like that, overwhelming, fun, frustrating, interesting, all of it, so this reflects that in it’s own way. We had the pleasure of speaking to one of the founders of the fair and to a team member as well as quite a few exhibitors from the event. They will introduce themselves in the conversations, but we encourage you to follow up with the links for them below, because they are all doing great stuff. Enjoy and don’t forget to check those links!!

Links for this episode:

Supermarket Art Fair | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Andreas Ribbung - Co-Founder - Artist

Alice Masolnikova - Project Manager - Artist

Grafik i Väst | Eric Saline - Artist

Duplex 100m2 Gallery | Pierre Courtin - Director

Madrassa Collective | Francesca Masoero - Curator

Stroboskop | Facebook | Franciszek Buchner - Artist

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