Bonus: Danielsson & Carlson + Johan Norling from Market Art Fair

Image courtesy Market Art Fair

Image courtesy Market Art Fair

Greetings friends, we’re here with a quick bonus episode before the Easter holiday. We were up in Stockholm recently to check out both the Market and Supermarket art fairs, and ended up meeting all sorts of cool people while we were there. For example, I met with two of my colleagues while I was there, Jenny Danielsson and Oscar Carlson, who have a Stockholm based podcast where they talk about art! It’s called Danielsson & Carlson, and I would encourage you to check that out. This recording is actually from when they invited me into their cool ass studio as a guest on their program, so we decided to do a swapcast from that talk. Be sure to check out their show if you understand Swedish, it’s quite good, and super professional! Link is below. The other person I had the pleasure of talking to was Johan Norling, who is the artistic director of Market Art Fair. He took time out of his busy schedule during the fair to talk to me for a few minutes, he turned out to be very interesting and open about what his job is like, it’s super fascinating. Enjoy, and have a great Easter holiday!

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