Jiggling Atoms ft. Jesper Carlsen (#102)

Here we are, back again! How is everybody? We’ve been trotting about all summer, but are finally home in Copenhagen, and chomping at the bit to get going again. We have some new projects in the works, which we are excited to unveil for y’all in the coming months. But more importantly, we have Jesper Carlsen on the show today. His exhibition at Martin Asbæk Gallery unfortunately just came down, but we managed to grab him and hear about the show before it did. He has a diverse and forward thinking practice which utilizes many tools from the digital and technology worlds, and since we are big fans of the crossover between tech and art it was great to hear about his work. It’s current, it’s interesting and it’s engaging. So let’s get straight to it, enjoy our talk with Jesper Carlsen!

All images/video courtesy the artist.


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Martin Asbæk Gallery

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