Distrust of Irony ft. Peter Voss-Knude & Merete Jankowski - Recorded Live at Overgaden (#101)

Hello friends, we felt that we owed you another episode before we drift off to summer vacation here, so here we are. Today we have Peter Voss-Knude on the show, this was recorded live at Overgaden together with the director there, Marete Jankowski, who was also a guest on this program back in episode number 75. Overgaden is fantastic exhibition space, and you can see Peter’s show there, which is up until the 6th of August. We suggest you do that, because the show is quite engaging, and the premise for the show is really quite incredible. Peter has created an album of music as well, in collaboration with the Danish Army, please check the links below to hear that. After our talk we have included one of the tracks which is called Goodbye my Friend. Stick around and listen to that. Peter will also be performing the songs live here in Copenhagen on the 25th and the 31st of August, links for that are also below. We on summer vacation for about 4 weeks, but we’ll hit the ground running again in August. Until then, have a good summer, and enjoy!

Images courtesy Overgaden/Anders Sune Berg


Links for this episode:

Peter Voss-Knude

Peter and the Danish Defense - spotify | soundcloud | site

Live in Concert on the 28th August - Statens Museum for Kunst

Live in Concert on the 31th August - CODE Art Fair


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