By The Way Mini-episode - Returned, Removed, and Yippee Ki Yay MotherFucker

We follow up on a few stories in this By The Way Mini-episode titled Returned, Removed, and Yippee Ki Yay MotherFucker.  

 The first topic is a follow up from BTW #1 - Thievery, when Ando and I discussed the smuggling of Iraqi artifacts by the American craft store giant Hobby Lobby.   

“Art and China After 1989: Theater of the World.” is a controversial exhibition we spoke about in BTW #4 - Theater of the Protest. It is now traveling to Spain with a few new modifications to the exhibition.  

As always Jeff Koons has to peek his nose into the podcast even-though we covered the lawsuit filed against him in BTW #12 “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark”. He his now being sued by the Hollywood producer that gave us the movie Die Hard.

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The Space In-Between ft. Mathias & Mathias (#118)

We are back again today with another super interesting talk, with the artist group Mathias & Mathias. They had a show up at Overgaden a little while back, and we were fortunate enough to have the chance to sit down and talk to them. It was a great conversation, touching on many topics, with a lot of behind the scenes talk, which is always interesting. It’s good to hear from working artists what…

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BTW #12 “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark”

By The Way: A Contemporary Art News Podcast is back with episode #12 “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark”

Join Eric Wall and Ando again as they discuss the basis' of the lawsuit that accuses Jeff Koons and Gagosian Gallery of running a "Ponzi-like scheme". We talk a little about how editions are works are produced, the difference between an art investor and an art collector, is Jeff Koons an artist or manufacture of art, and he is using his current collector's money as interest-free loans. Hope you enjoy the bashing of Jeff Koons in this episode.

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A Slow Motion Explosion ft. Jonas Liveröd (#117)

Today we are terribly excited to bring you an actually well timed conversation, with the wonderful Jonas Liveröd. It’s been a while coming, but it fits perfectly, because already on this Friday, April 20th, he has a solo show opening at the great Steinsland Berliner Gallery in Stockholm. So as awesome as the conversation we are about to play for you is, it’s always better to...

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By The Way Mini-episode - Postmasters Gallery NYC

On this Mini-episode of By The Way: A Contemporary Art News Podcast Eric talks about Postmasters Gallery NYC and their recent Patreon campaign strategy. He has his doubts, but what do you think? 

By The Way, also wants to give a shout out to The Conversation Art Podcast, as Jenny Danielsson, our co-host from episode #11 Los Angeles and Shrinkage In The Art Market was interviewed. They are making a great podcast and you all should go take a listen. 

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The Merge ft. Sara, Peter & Tobias (#116)

Today, in serendipitous timing, we are joined by the art group Sara, Peter & Tobias, who were kind enough to sit down with us for a wide ranging conversation about their first book, Phenomina. And just last week they won the British Journal of Photography International Photography Award for their new project, The Merge. We had a very interesting conversation together not only about their projects, but also about...

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BTW #11 Los Angeles and Shrinkage In The Art Market with Guest Jenny Danielsson

By The Way, welcomes guest Jenny Danielsson from the Danielsson & Carlson podcast.  

Jenny shares the news about the recent firing of Helen Molesworth at Los Angeles’ Museum of Contemporary Arts. Jenny and Eric then speculate what might have led to the firing. In the second news story, Eric shares the most recent “health report” of the art market by USB and Art Basel. Are the big galleries and collectors really all that good for the art market?

Let us know what you think. Why was Helen Molesworth fired? And what is your assessment of the health of the art market?

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The Level of Truth ft. Johan Furåker (#115)

When you talk process with an artist, many similarities between practices begin to pop up over time, but there are also those occasions where you hear about more independent ways of working and thinking. Todays conversation with Johan Furåker is of that ilk, one of the ones which are quite inspiring. He’s a thoughtful artist, and methodical, and if you look at his work, you can...

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By The Way Mini-episode Announcement

News from the art world does not stop when we are unable to bring it to you on By The Way: A Contemporary Art News Podcast. Many of the stories that we discuss on BTW continue to evolve after the release of an episode. Those of us here at Cultural Bandwidth have decided to introduce By The Way Mini-episodes. These are short episodes that will update all you the listeners on all those stories. 

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