FALLUCKA #8 - Manuel Tainha


Before the summer I had the pleasure to make a stop by the Portuguese Embassy to see the exhibition with the Portuguese artist Manuel Tainha in collab with LAST RESORT gallery. It took me by surprise in the otherwise fine settings at the Portuguese embassy Manuel has managed to create a kind of backdrop with an edge from the new Portuguese art scene. The way he works with pale remedy on textiles - that has been part of the Portuguese household throughout all times - shows a controlled art form that also extends its roots back to Manuel's Rugby time. Or as Manuel says “Violence under control.”  Do see his works at LAST RESORT during Enterartfair running from 29.08.19-01.09.19 - pro tip you can see the exhibition during the summer at the Portuguese Embassy if you contact Peter Amby at LAST RESORT info@lastresortgallery.com