FALLUCKA #9 - CPH Fashion Week SS20


FALLUCKA was on the spot when Copenhagen Fashion week SS20 took place last week. I had the pleasure to see shows from Saks Potts, Ganni, Cecilie Bahnsen as well as brand new designer talents from The Royal academy of fine arts. For one week Copenhagen was full of high fashion ladies & gentlemen, influencers, beautiful people and international press. And if you can’t remember each others name you can just say “skat”,“honey” or “I love what you are wearing”. I continue to be both surprised and fascinated by the fashion scene, I love it, I am drawn to it as well as I feel so alone in it. For one week fashion is truly on every bodies lips and I honestly think that we haven’t seen the peak of Copenhagen Fashion Week yet. Thanks to all the ladies talking to me and answering my new bee fashion questions – Personally I will look forward to see more action behind the buzz word sustainability in the years to come - who will be the first major player to really put power behind the words, and will we see it all ready in 2020? I hope so!

All images courtesy FALLUCKA