Your Own Narrative ft. Albert Elm (#78)

Photo Credit: Igor Pisuk

Photo Credit: Igor Pisuk

We have a fantastic show for you today, with the great Albert Elm here to talk. We’ve know Albert for a bit, but didn’t really get to know him until we sat down and had this conversation, and man, it turned out great. He worked for several years for our friend and former guest of the show, Jacob Aue Sobol, while he developed his craft as a photographer, and has since published a book and had his work shown all over. He’s a secretive fellow, so we hadn’t seen his work until fairly recently, and if you haven’t yet either, you are in for a treat. It doesn’t come as a surprise that he has been published on a ton of sites and has been named as a talent to look out for by the British Journal of Photography. We had a deep conversation about his work and philosophy of photography, and it’s quite relevant for anybody who is thinking about how to define their own art. We also touched on his stint as a sailor, about working for other photographers and the illusion of photography as truth. Join Us.

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