They Are Better Than Me ft. Joshua Mittleman (#44)

At long last we return, with a great talk in tow. We are joined today by Joshua Mittleman, the mysterious American you might have seen lurking around Copenhagen. He is in fact a very engaged and intelligent guy, and he shares some of his vast knowledge and interests with us. He is a former biochemist, a working artist, he runs an exhibition space with his wife and is also a teacher. Now he has curated a show together with another former guest of this show, Gus Sondin-Kung. The show opens this Friday at New Shelter Plan, and comes highly recommended, as pretty much everything they touch is gold. Enough said.

In the meantime enjoy our talk with Joshua Mittleman. You might even hear about processing bull testicles.

A selection of works by Joshua:


Links for this episode:

Your Consent Is Implied, this Friday at New Shelter Plan. Go.

Flensborggade 57 (Joshua's exhibition space)

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Spencer Henslol