The Transformation ft. Peter Callesen (#76)

Greetings gang, I hope you guys are well. It’s busy times here at Undergang HQ, which basically means everything is upside down at the moment, but we are fighting for a better future. There are big plans in the works, now it’s just the time to work our asses off in order to get there. And that is perhaps the best segue there ever could be into todays guest, Peter Callesen. He works in many media, but he is mostly know for his works with paper. It feels wrong to label his work as paper cuts, but that is undeniably the tradition it rises from. But it’s so much more. There is a delicacy, emotion and weight to his works which are made all the much more incredible by the materials he uses, namely plain white A4 paper. The thing that always wins us over is the combination of technique together with emotion and expression in works. If you can make it exquisite, beautiful and precious, and then with a sound foundation of idea or emotion to carry it, well it’s rare we won’t be a huge fan.

Images of Peter's works. Photos by Anders Sune Berg


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