The Merge ft. Sara, Peter & Tobias (#116)


Today, in serendipitous timing, we are joined by the art group Sara, Peter & Tobias, who were kind enough to sit down with us for a wide ranging conversation about their first book, Phenomina. And just last week they won the British Journal of Photography International Photography Award for their new project, The Merge. We had a very interesting conversation together not only about their projects, but also about the role of ego in photography, authorship, research, fundraising, and giving up your individuality to strengthen a group. This is a long one, but only because there was so much good stuff in there. Check out their book, Phenomina, we can’t recommend it enough, and keep and eye on their new project as it develops.

All images courtesy Sara, Peter & Tobias


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Sara, Peter & Tobias | Instagram

British Journal of Photography International Photo Award 2018

Phenomina Book

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