The Checklist ft. William Powhida (#53)

Photo  ©  Akiko Ichikawa 2015

Photo © Akiko Ichikawa 2015

We live in a strange world, and an even stranger art world. Luckily William Powhida is here to firmly poke a stick in the eye of the art world, and we love it. We were lucky enough to get to sit down with him right before the preview of his exhibition here in Copenhagen, at Gallery Poulsen. We got to talk about his work, the art world, and the simple joys of quality shit talking. But really this episode is an in-depth look at the New York art world as well as being the personal story of an artist trying to make sense of what he does and what he takes part in. It’s good fodder for all of us out here trying to make work. Because it’s tough in these streets yo. Enjoy our talk!

Here are some images from the show at Gallery Poulsen:

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