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BTW #8 - Pussy, Drugs, and Jeff Koons

Today Eric and Ando blaze through 4 topics. Pussy Riot seeks asylum in Sweden, and the Guggenheim offers Donald Trump a golden toilet by Maurizio Cattelan. Topics become a little more serious when they bring up Nan Goldin and the opioid crisis in the US. Goldin calls on her fellow artists and art institutions to resist the Sackler Family and Purdue Pharma. And what would be an episode BTW without...

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BTW #7 - So Baroque That You Have No Monet

Is the Contemporary art world growing or shrinking? Are there more or less opportunities for artists today than in past decades? What is the future gallery model? In this episode Eric and Ando talk about the mega-art dealer David Zwirner expanding global empire. And how over recent years the mid-level galleries have been closing their doors. The closure of these...

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