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BTW #14 - Anish Kapoor Vs. The NRA

Recently, the artist Anish Kapoor filed a lawsuit against the NRA over the use one of his most famous work in a recruitment campaign. For our long time listeners, I think you might find it Eric and Ando’s opinions on the story surprising. And as always, send us your opinion to the stories that we cover here at By The Way. 

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Introducing By The Way: A Contemporary Art News Podcast

Hello friends - we are tremendously proud to announce the launch of our new podcast network Cultural Bandwidth, as well as the new podcast we are blasting off with on the new network, By The Way: A Contemporary Art News Podcast. Cultural Bandwidth is the world's first podcasting network based around art, and we couldn't be happier to share this with you. There will be a lot of information about exactly...

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