Stone Upon Stone ft. Erik Steffensen (#51)

Stone upon stone upon stone. The name comes from ideas that today's guest, Erik Steffensen, lays out for us; ideas about the basis of photography, about what it means, and about what making art means. It’s a really engaging and absorbing talk, and we encourage you to listen with your ears and your mind. He works mostly in traditional black & white materials, but has a refreshing take on using them, bypassing the regular rules of photography and just twisting and pulling the materials to fulfill his needs. The rest of us uptight photo nerds would do well to internalize some of his attitudes towards the medium. Be that as it may, the truth is that his words apply to all forms of art making, indeed, perhaps to a philosophy of living life itself. Heavy words perhaps, you’ll just have to hear it for yourself.

Some works by Erik:

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Erik Steffensen at Gallery Bo Bjerggaard

Jacob Stangerup at Nivaagaardsamling

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