Public/Private ft. Jacob Fabricius (#33)

Jacob performing  Sandwitched , New York, Work by Alfredo Jaar

Jacob performing Sandwitched, New York, Work by Alfredo Jaar

Today in the midst of website chaos and falling idols we are joined by the face of calm himself, Jacob Fabricius. He is the directory of Charlottenborg Kunsthall here in Denmark, a curator, and a very nice man. Join us for a fantastic talk about the Dakar Biennial, the difference between being independent and employed, and the difference between the Danish and Swedish press. You can also hear about the great news we got this week as well as a little about our trip to Israel and the West Bank. Join us!

Images from Jacob & the current show at Charlottenborg, Camille Henrot:


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Camille Henrot (showing at Charlottenborg now)

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