Daisy Løvendahl (#23)


Time marches forward and so does this show. This week we have an inspiring talk with the multi-talented Daisy Løvendahl. If you haven't heard about her, it's probably because she quit the art world some years back. But she has been busy building a better and more creative life all while finding the best way to reach out and touch people. And she still makes beautiful images. This is a really good one, and we tackle many tough subjects, so strap yourselves in and enjoy!

Selected Works By Daisy:


Links for this episode:

Daisy's Photo Works

Daisy's Coaching & Counseling Business. As you can hear, she is competent and in touch.

1000 Books Art Book Festival. Looks amazing.

Return to Somalia Fundraiser. Movie & debate. Good cause.

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Abstract Concepts - What up in the streets Black Ant / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0