Asger Carlsen (#13)

Photo by Peter Sutherland

Photo by Peter Sutherland

Asger Carlsen graces the armchair for episode 13, and let us tell you, this one is relevant for everyone interested in art. The key issue at hand is, if you want to find lasting, interesting work, then you need to investigate art. You need to engage and have a dialog with art, especially if you don't understand it the first time around. Talking with Asger about his work perfectly illustrated the need for this level of investigation, and we got a lot out it. Along the way we learn about how he got started as a crime-scene photographer, how he drifted to New York (and hasn't come back, yet...) and how he started making his unique images. Join us for another great episode.

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Asger Carlsen. Collaboration with Roger Ballen here.

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