Dandies & Pesants ft. Daniel Richter (#65)

Do you guys also miss old school shmack talking? Then join us for a refreshing talk with the unfettered Daniel Richter. It's nice to hear somebody speak openly in the normally quite guarded art world, and it's even nicer when it's somebody who has something to say. Daniel Richter is obviously a talented painter, and he has a great way of talking about art & life, and as far we can tell, there isn't a difference between them in Daniel's world. He talks about his work, about the process of becoming aware of art and about finding his own path. He also fires a few shots, and it's a joy. Take that!

Some works by Daniel from his current show. Courtesy Gallery Bo Bjerggaard.


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Daniel Richter

Gallery Bo Bjerggaard

Art openings for the week:

Former guest Jes Brinch at Kunsthal Charlottenborg

Sophia Kalkau at Peter Lav Gallery

Charlie Roberts at David Risley Gallery

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